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Operating in the community space under the registered trademark of Community Consultation Dashboard® we offer a range of solutions for community engagement.

  • Online surveys and results analysis
  • Bespoke Engagement delivery
  • Digital Media, Internet and Social Media monitoring

All these solutions deliver intelligence via our Dashboard which automatically themes and maps the results of the engagement activity.

This approach enables regional and community trends to be easily identified and provides new insights into community dynamics, opinions and preferences.

The information can be gathered online or via specific engagement exercises. The media and internet monitoring solution enables our clients to identify if communities are already discussing the topic of interest which enables any further engagement activities to be far more targeted.

"The Symfonix® software was instrumental in the success of our engagement activity. It gave us the opportunity to take residents' responses and provide meaningful analysis of their views, in their words. This was the first campaign on a countywide scale and the help and support from Symfonix® was vital." Kent County Council   
To see the full case study click here>>

The Dashboard is a powerful and practical tool for effective Community Consultation and Stakeholder Engagement.

Whether it is the Private or Public sector, Stakeholder Engagement or Community Consultation, the research and engagement exercises follow the same rules.  Isolated information is useful but when presented within a contextual framework this information becomes powerful knowledge.

Symfonix “has helped inform the decision making, by giving Members a geographical illustration of consultation responses. This in essence has given us a new evidence base and has introduced a level of transparency that would have otherwise been difficult.” Planning and Project Manager, Medway Renaissance 
To see the full case study click here>>