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Symfonix® offers a variety of solutions for improving your understanding of your customer base and improving their perception of your business.

  • direct customer engagement activities
  • complaints mapping
  • online brand monitoring

Due to the way in which Symfonix® works it is possible to combine data from disparate sources without the time and expense of mass system integration. Understanding common themes and geographical trends across your different engagement activities provides a much clearer insight to you customer base.

We support direct customer engagement activities and map the result via our interactive dashboards. This turns static data into dynamic information that your business can view and disect numerous ways to deliver valuable intelligence.

We enable detailed online brand monitoring through our bespoke digital media, web and social media monitoring engine. The result delivering not just frequency of mention but theme and geolocation of comment to enable detailed trend monitoring and understanding of events impacting of your brand perception.

Customer complaints mapping also delivers essential intelligence for organisations. Symfonix® enables customer complaints to be aggregated analysed and mapped out against geographical location or organisational delivery diagram. This approach enables swift trend  identification if complaints focus around a particluar issue, location or part of your organisation.