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Many studies conclude that the best performing companies are those with the most engaged workforce. This should come as no surprise when you consider that all employees are capable of "just doing the job" but equally they are capable of discretionary effort in fulfilling their tasks. This discretionary effort will certainly not be forthcoming from individuals who feel disengaged from the business.

Using Symfonix® as the platform for your employee engagement brings many benefits which are either very difficult, if not impossible, to achieve using traditional engagement methods:

  • Detailed engagement with the whole workforce rather than samples
  • Identification of emerging issues
  • Identification of areas of excellence and areas of weakness
  • Ability to view trends by team, department, location, management structure etc.

Symfonix® Empolyee Engagement can be used as a one off snapshot of an organisation or it can be used continually over time which proves particularly valuable during change projects or corporate transformation.

Employees complete a mixture of tick box style questions and more in-depth qualitative open text questions. The Symfonix® system then automatically plots the feedback on a Dashboard which is then used to identify the key trends throughout the business.