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Top engagement challenges for NHS

The "Patients First" approach promised by Jeremy Hunt MP relies on good engagement and consultation by all parts of the NHS. A round table seminar held by The Consultation Institute offered the opportunity to debate these challenges in detail.

The top challenges identified by the working group during the seminar was:

  • Generating a real understanding of the NHS landscape amoungst service users and public
  • GP and Clinician engagement in the feedback mechanism
  • Conflicts of interest amongst different parts of the NHS
  • Lack of resources to keep up with the general pace of change
  • Bringing about a culture change to utilise new technology and innovative approaches to engagement
  • Gaining real corporate commitment for engagement
  • Capacity of CCG engagement
  • The effect of Politics and politics..


It is exciting for Symfonix to be working with organisations within the NHS to overcome these challenges and deliver top quality healthcare based on the clearly understood needs of users and the wider community.