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Like all local government, Kent County Council (KCC) is facing a severe squeeze on its budget. As part of their commitment to representing their residents, KCC wanted to run an engagement exercise to allow residents to answer three questions;

1)      Which KCC services do you value most?

2)      Where could efficiencies be made?

3)      Do you have money saving ideas?

The questions the Council wanted answers to could not be gathered by a tick box survey so the exercise had to allow respondents to answer in their own words and therefore KCC used the Community Consultation Dashboard® for the analysis and interrogation of the responses received.

The success of the communication strategy around the engagement exercise had led to over one thousand respondents commenting on the three questions.

The use of the Community Consultation Dashboard® enabled the results to be analysed quickly and effectively, identifying the main service areas being valued, where residents believed that efficiencies could be found and cost saving suggestions.   

Mapping out respondents locations showed that there was a good geographical spread of responses and local trends were identified.

This project has given the communications team at KCC the confidence to know that they can use open questioning in future engagement exercises, with all the advantages this brings, and let Kent residents engage in an exercise designed to let them discuss what is really important to them. 

" The Symfonix® software was instrumental in the success of our engagement activity. It gave us the opportunity to take residents' responses and provide meaningful analysis of their views, in their words. This was the first campaign on a countywide scale and the help and support from Symfonix® was vital." - KCC