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Case Studies


Eastern and Coastal Kent PCT

As the NHS landscape was changing around them, and the future of Primary Care Trusts was looking increasingly uncertain the communication and citizen engagement team embarked on a pilot project to ensure a legacy for the healthcare users of Eastern Kent.

The project was to set up a mechanism to pull together disparate information sets from organisations within the healthcare sector to gain valuable insight into the healthcare priorities and needs of the residents of East Kent and compare those with the feedback received form service users. This would give valuable intelligence to those commissioning primary healthcare services in the future whether they be within the PCT, GP commissioning consortia or other bodies.

The Community Consultation Dashboard® was the technology which sat in the centre of the project as the receptacle for the disparate information sets and the means to compare them. The information sets were made up from results from specific engagement exercises, comments received by the Patient Advise and Liaison Service (PALS) and also by searching for open source commentary and local media coverage on the internet.

In addition to this textual evidence that the Community Consultation Dashboard® automatically themed and populated on a map. There were layers of information provided from a quantitative study that the PCT had conducted called the Health and Social Care Map. This statistical information provided layers such as health demographics by low level super output area and the locations of healthcare facilities. The addition of this information gives contextual information to back up the opinion based research which generated the themes.