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Case Studies


Tower Hamlets Council

As part of their commitment to their community, Tower Hamlets Council conducted an engagement exercise to understand what residents most appreciated about the parks and open spaces within the borough and what could be improved about them.

This exercise could not be run using a tick box survey as this would suggest that the council already knew the answers when what they really wanted to know was the individual’s opinions.

The council conducted many on-site exhibitions and gathered first hand feedback from residents on their pertinent issues surrounding the open spaces and parks.

The results of this exercise were fed into the Community Consultation Dashboard® with the results plotted against the specific parks and areas of open space. The resulting map gave an easy to use overview of what different areas of the borough valued most about their local parks and any improvements they would like to see.

The satellite imagery made the map highly interactive with the functionality to zoom in to see the parks and surrounding area and give context to the results, all from the council officers desktop.     

"The Community Dashboard allowed us to understand the issues local people had regarding their parks through their own words, and was a very useful tool to draw out what really mattered to participants." Glen Ocsko, Tower Hamlets Council.