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Greater London Authority Listening to London

Symfonix won the bid to power the system behind the Listening to London project for the Greater London Authority.  The aim of the project is to mine the Mayor’s correspondence and monitor digital and social media to capture accurate and insightful information about the wants and needs of Londoners.

The system conducts approximately 550,000 specific searches each day to gather new information around GLA’s policies or interest areas.  The process is capable of returning up to 13.5 million individual items of information per day.  In 2012, main focus of monitoring includes the London Olympics, Public Transport, Team London Volunteering Initiative, Housing, Police and Community Safety.

“Understanding the public is a vital part of developing and delivering policy and programmes that work. The rise of social media offers us a window into public conversation; an opportunity to listen and identify London’s priorities and needs.

The L2L system enables us to quickly spot key messages and associated geographic trends amongst a huge amount of online information, to monitor the effectiveness of specific initiatives and understand the best communication routes for engagement on different topics.

As befits London as a world leading city, L2L is an advanced and innovative digital media monitoring project, and we are pleased to be working with Symfonix on its delivery.”

Andrew Collinge, Assistant Director, Intelligence Unit, Greater London Authority.