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Healthwatch Birmingham

Symfonix is excited to be working with Healthwatch Birmingham to deliver a multi-source information system monitoring opinion regarding health and social care services in the Birmingham area.

Healthwatch Birmingham are at the leading edge of Local Healthwatch organisations which have been set up to capture the views and experiences of patients across the country.  The Symfonix system is an effective tool to collect these opinions acting as a central information repository which collates disparate information sets, providing analysis and gives easy visibility of emerging trends and pertinent topics regarding health and social care.

Healthwatch Birmingham are utilising the powerful functions of Symfonix to analyse comments received from direct feedback, surveys and other engagement activities, as well as providing a daily monitoring to find comments on local health related matters in the media, blogs and social networking sites.

The information collected by the Symfonix system will help to shape and improve health and social care provision in Birmingham.