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Case Studies


London Airport Expansion

Prior to the Airport Commissions interim report in December 2013, Symfonix has been monitoring digital media for stories and opinion regarding London airport expansion.

The project has been looking at coverage of proposed expansion plans of London airports and the potential to create a new airport in the Thames estuary.

Utilising the unique Symfonix opinion monitoring system, it was found that the most prominent topic being discussed was around the third runway at Heathrow with varied arguments both for and against the expansion of Heathrow. The main argument ‘for’ centres around the capacity to serve London and keep Heathrow as a major international hub. The main arguments ‘against’ revolved around noise and air pollution, particularly around residential areas.

Another major topic surrounding airport expansion in which the Symfonix system found was Mayor of London Boris Johnson’s plans to create a new airport, which has been nicknamed Boris Island.  The main opinions in regards to Boris Island is the feasibility of such a large scheme with prohibitive costs and environmental impacts.