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Enabling the “Patients First” promise

"We will create a system that is much more responsive to feedback from staff, patients, service users and their families"- The Rt Hon Jeremy Hunt MP, Secretary State for Health.

Symfonix Health Hub enables an automated process of combining disparate information sources and understanding the key messages from the feedback.

Multi-source Intelligence
No single source of feedback and information can give the whole picture of combined feedback from staff, patients, service users and their families. Symfonix Health Hub gathers then integrates feedback and intelligence from multiple sources to deliver that combined approach.
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Automatic Analysis Of Content
Combining all potential information sources creates huge volumes of information that needs to be analysed. The unique feature of Symfonix Health Hub is the analytic engine that compares the language in all feedback responses and information items to identify the key topics being communicated.

Clear Reporting
Rather than merely present clients with links to original comments and leave it up to them to read, Symfonix Health Hub produces an interactive Dashboard identifying the key topics, communications channel, sentiment to and mapped responses over geographical zones as well as further bespoke items.

Proactive Alerts
Some pieces of information are essential to know as soon as they are available. To ensure that the right people in your organisation have the right information at the right time Symfonix Health Hub creates alerts which are emailed to individual users when of comments, key people being referred specific rules are met.

The fast and accurate access to information which is often held in disparate silos is integral to delivering a new culture focussed on the patient.

Symfonix Health Hub is the tool set that will enable your organisation to deploy its resources in the most effective manner to deliver a service centred on patient experience and patient safety.

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